gyrol, nelson fluid drive

You Need a Fluid Drive. Here's Why:

• Provides infinitely variable speed control

• Available for variable or constant torque applications

+95% efficient at design speeds

Rugged construction suitable for outdoor installation


Fluid drives (such as Gyrol or Nelson fluid drives) are hydrokinetic units that control torque for various applications from fans to pumps. In addition, they have the capability to absorb shock and torsional vibration. 

As mechanical equipment they have a long history in industry. They are noted for their long life and are extremely robust variable speed devices.

The costs are favourable when compared with high-horsepower, medium-voltage variable frequency drives.

Like magnetic drives they can vary speed but can not overspeed above syncronous speed of the motor.

Fluid drives transmit power smoothly and without impact. They can operate in areas where the electrical power may not be “clean”.


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